Thursday, June 30, 2016

PSYCHIC CAFE: Is The Future Written in Your Cards? By Aimee Teplitskiy

By Aimee Teplitskiy
Fortune cookies, horoscopes, Magic 8-balls, palm readings, tarot cards; we all immerse ourselves in a culture, in a society that is always looking to the future. We want to know what will happen tomorrow, or in a few weeks, or in ten years, and in the scramble for the future we often forget to live in the present.
        The play The Psychic Café, by Anthony Fusco, delves into the idea that perhaps we let fortune telling, and our obsession with always moving forward, dictate how we live our lives. The protagonist, Anthony Fontana, lives his life strictly by his tarot cards. If it is in the cards, it must be so. He allows psychic readings to dictate his every decision, and in doing so, he renders himself blind to the things going on around him.

        But Anthony is not alone in making this mistake. In fact, finding a balance between this cultural aspect of our society and the reality of the world around us is a struggle we all face. Take Nancy Reagan for example.  The former First Lady is known to have used an astrologer as a consult in very significant affairs during her husband’s presidency including the timing of the Presidential debates, military tactics, as well the date of his cancer treatment. Considering the fact that Nancy Reagan had so much pull in the White House, this could arguably be an inappropriate decision on her part. Should she really have allowed astrology to dictate the decisions that were made by the White House?
        Even looking beyond literal psychic readings, we face the struggle of future versus present in the scientific field as well. In the advanced, technological age we live in today scientists are constantly striving to uncover what the future holds, and in doing so, to prevent diseases like cancer and Alzheimer’s. Gene mapping, the process of identifying the genes present in peoples’ DNA, is becoming a growing field of interest in the medical world. People want to be able to know the diseases that are embedded in their DNA, and that have a potential of being triggered in the future. In theory, gene mapping would help prevent the development of many hereditary diseases, and would also give scientists the ability to learn more about getting rid of these diseases altogether. However, if gene mapping is made more accessible, we need to consider the question of how will this affect the way we live in the present?

       If I got my genes mapped and found out that I have a chance of getting a disease, I could either go on living my life as I normally would, or I could structure the rest of my life around this slim chance that I might get this disease. I would have to decide if it is worth it to alter my life choices, so that I might evade triggering that disease.
        This is a concern that many different professionals have expressed on the topic of gene mapping. We need to consider how gene mapping results might affect patients’ mentalities, and if this process should be made accessible to the public in the face of these risks. But at the same time, how can we deny people the right to know what potentially lies in their future?
        I think that The Psychic Café has a very in depth way of portraying how much we let fear and anticipation of the future shape our life choices. I think too often we worry about how what we do will affect us later on, and do not stop to consider how much we are missing out on when always airing on the side of caution. We need to understand the importance of finding the balance between thinking ahead, and still enjoying the present moment. And the next time you sit down for a tarot card reading ask yourself: How much should we let the future dictate what we do in the present?

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PSYCHIC CAFÉ by Anthony Fusco
A flamboyant NYC psychic hires an assistant to draw in new business. The new guy has no idea what he’s in for until he meets the quirky clients who reveal the most bizarre, over-the-top secrets.
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