Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Can You Keep a Secret?-- Find out in DOUBLE JOY

By Christine Mason 

            Do you have a secret? – No, I’m not asking about that one time you stole some crayons from Ms. Lawrence’s basket in first grade—Do you have a deep secret that perhaps you’re embarrassed or ashamed to share? If so, how long would you hold off before sharing this secret with your current partner? 

           In the renown musical The Addams Family, Morticia Addams sings of secrets between a husband and wife as one of the greatest evils. She says, “lies and secrets / they’re the sins that keep / a husband from a wife.” This may be true, as opening up and being honest with another person lets them look at who you are in full light. However, sometimes these secrets could change an entire relationship. 

          What if you had a condition that you could not get rid of? It may be due to an accident, or a health condition that was beyond your control. You would learn the condition’s influence on you and your partner, placing an extra obstacle on your pathway. 

            In the movie Me Before You, a wealthy young banker named Will Traynor is left paralyzed after an accident. While this may an obvious secret, it does influence his entire outlook on life; that is, until a young lady named Louisa Clark becomes his caregiver. Her presence does change Will’s ultimate perspective on his unchangeable situation, but his paralysis does stand as a huge barrier between the two people initially, causing distress for both of them. 

          Now, let’s flip the situation around. What if you were in a new relationship and you were completely sure that your partner had a secret that he/she was trying to keep hidden. How long would it be before you ask about it? 

          In Joseph Lizardi’s new play Double Joy, a young woman starts dating an older man who is definitely hiding something. How will she choose to handle the situation? More importantly, how will his secret impact their relationship? Is love stronger than any physical barrier?

DOUBLE JOY By Joseph Lizardi 
A romance between a middle aged couple who allowed their growing love for each other act as a healing process that helps seal their relationship. 

Saturday, July 15th at 3pm 
Monday, July 17th at 9pm 
Saturday, July 22nd at 1pm 
Monday, July 24th at 7pm 

Tickets: $25 Online, $27 at the Box Office 
Premium Seats (Rows A-F): $30 Online, $35 at the Box Office

At the Theatre at St. Clement's 
423 West 46th Street, NYC 
Between 9th & 10th Avenue

For tickets click here

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