Sunday, January 18, 2015

FIXATION, A New Play By Anthony Fusco, Is A Psychological Thriller. How Well Do You Know Your Roommate?

By Kristopher Karcher

Fixation, by Anthony Fusco, is a play about two men learning how to live together, and learning a bit more about each other as they share an apartment. Without giving too much away, I think I can definitely say it doesn't go too well. You probably will never find yourself in a situation as the roommates do in FIXATION, but I'm sure we've all had a roommate or two that we weren't a HUGE fan of.  In the spirit of this psychological thriller, here are some roommate horror stories I’ve collected from contributors and friends just for a laugh.

Anthony Fusco
“I got my roommate for school really late in the summer, and she already had a bunch of friends. I introduced myself an acting major… in retrospect not the best idea. She refused to get to know me even though I kept asking questions and trying to connecting with her. As soon as my parents left, like seven guys that I didnt know came in to visit her—one icing his foot above my trashcan— and one of the guys comes up to me and says, ‘Oh so you must be the weird roommate.’” Sidney, 19

“My first college roommate pulled a knife on a guy I was talking to at a party. She would leave the room in the middle of the night to go walk around by herself at like 3am. She started making Facebook posts that were hidden from me that would talk about how I had a revolving door of men coming through our room when I had a boyfriend and she would make posts insinuating that I was an alcoholic when I would only drink on weekends. Girl was crazy.” Monica, 20

“I found a sock in my sink once… I had three roommates and never figured out whose it was…” Robin, 21

“I went to California for a summer internship and while I was out there I sublet-ed an apartment with these two red-headed girls. They were completely awful and rude to me and then I found out they were screwing me on the rent. After I left, I tried a thousand times to get my security deposit back and they never mailed it to me. I know it’s irrational, but I’ve never roomed with a red-head since.” Katie, 26

“I walked in on my roommate shaving her… well private areas.” Kaitlin, 21

“My current roommate is a mystery. He seems to have no friends, although the only time he leaves his room is to smoke weed and cigarettes with them. He holds no respect for me or my boundaries and his odor is unbearable. He constantly plays heavy metal into the early morning and smokes in the room as well. He’s racist and homophobic and has odd habits, like dipping potato chips in dressing or soaking them in salsa.” Ricky, 18

“My girlfriend was staying over and we woke up around 3am to my drunk roommate sitting in a chair in front of where we were sleeping and he just started peeing. All over the floor.” Andrew, 19

See what happens in Fixation and all of the other plays in series D at the Hudson Guild Theatre February 13th at 9m and February 14th at 3pm. For tickets go to or call 646-623-3488. 

SERIES D – February 13th at 9pm & February 14th at 3pm

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