Sunday, January 18, 2015

Breaking The Rules When It Comes To Dating: A Guide For Women, But Men Can Do It Too!

By Kristopher Karcher

            I should write a book. Not like that American one. About the rules of dating. Do you remember it? All about when a fella asks you out you have to say youre busy for three weeks in advance or it proves youre a sad slapper with no life. That was totally shallow. I read it in Easons. It was shit. No, mine would just be called The Rules.Once you keep the rules youre grand.

            In Isobel Mahons The Rules, Mahon paints an eerie picture of the life of Sandra, a mother, a devoted partner, and a drug addict. Sandra lives by a set of rules she has created herself and stands by each of them as she shivers huddled underneath a duvet cover. Some of these rules include putting the baby first, compromising with your partner, and knowing the difference between men and women. Dont expect a full bleedin printout of a fellas day. They hate that. I wouldnt mind- Id tell him the whole lot any day, but fellas are different, arent they? Young wans and women, were programmed to stay at home, she says, Thats evolution.

Isobel Mahon
            Mahon sets up a double standard we see quite often in our society. If Sandra acts up, there are consequences; however, if Shay, her partner, acts up she defends him. Shay comes from a very rough family, though. You cant blame him, I mean two of his brothers are inside, Sandra confides I dont believe shes a feminist as such. Mahon stated in a recent interview. Shes strong, and plucky and loving and vulnerable, but shes never been in a position to learn the life skills that would have helped her to recognize the mindset that traps her in this dysfunctional relationship.
in her audience. It becomes clear that these rules she has created do not protect her as a woman.

            The Rules is wonderful because it is the most human you can get in a work of theatre. With her play, Mahon presents a phenomenon that unfortunately occurs more often today then wed like to admit. What is it about humans that we feel the need to sacrifice ourselves and our well-being for the chance of happiness? Why do we bend the rules for those we love?

Catch The Rules and the rest of Series D of the Strawberry One Act Festival on February 13th at 9pm and February 14th at 3pm. Purchase tickets in advance at or by calling 646-623-3488.

SERIES D – February 13th at 9pm & February 14th at 3pm

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