Friday, January 9, 2015

Revenge, Romance and Therapy Takes Center Stage at the Strawberry One-Act Festival on February 11th & 12th at the Hudson Guild Theatre, NYC

By Kristopher Karcher

Following the opening performances of Series A of this winters Strawberry One Act Festival is Series B, February 11th & 12th at 9pm, a shorter series for the late night crowd. But a lack of quantity does not mean a lack of quality. These three plays pack a powerful punch and are sure to leave you wanting to come back for more.

The first play in the series, Role Reversal by Rebecca Stahl asks, If you had the chance to take revenge for a past event, would you take the opportunity? If a man took advantage of you, would you go far enough to harm him? Even if it would jeopardize your career? Where is the line? And what happens, for whatever reason, if you feel you cant trust the person whos assigned to help you, even perform medical procedures?

In Across by Michael Swiskay, two successful professionals staying in hotel rooms across from one another meet naked through their windows. From there, a wild romance ensues. Swiskays play captures many different moments in the quick-witted couples relationship including meeting the parents, their honeymoon, and a lot of making out.

The final play of the series, The Worlds Best Therapist by Jack Spagnola follows a a man and woman in their journey of self-discovery and therapy. Though their therapist uses rather experimental methods, he seems to help them on their quest to be happy with minimal issues. That is, of course, until he sets the two up on a date.

Laugh, cry, and cringe at Series B of the Strawberry One Act Festival. Premiering February 11th and 12th at 9 PM. Tickets for Series B and all others can be purchased at the or by calling 646-623-3488.

FEBRUARY 11, 2015 – FEBRUARY 22, 2015

441 West 26th Street, NYC

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