Thursday, July 14, 2016

REVOLVER Progam Information, Creative Team & Actors

REVOLVER Written & Directed by Paul Trupia
Time:  The present.                                                   Place: In a home.
Characters In Order Of Appearance
Jeff                                                                              Kyle Bary
Amy                                                                             Aubrey Quinn
Older Woman                                                             Sheilah Friend
Burglar                                                                        Adrian Ventura
Youth #1                                                                      Adrian Ventura
Youth # 2                                                                     Kyle Bary
Peter                                                                            Richard Cozart
Judy                                                                             Sheilah Friend
Young Girl                                                                   Brianna Cervello
Who’s Who
Kyle Bary (Jeff / Youth #2) hails from Washington DC, and moved to Brooklyn NY in September of 2015 to pursue his lifelong dream of becoming a thespian. Kyle, a recent college graduate (B.S. Finance) and former D1 athlete, recently made his Off-Broadway debut as the lead in a show called, 'The Last Hour'. Going forward, Kyle plans to continue studying the craft through training and working on various projects in theatre, television and film.
Aubrey Quinn (Amy) was born and raised in New Jersey. After graduating from Adelphi University with a BFA in Theatre she is proud to now call the city home.  Fresh off a national tour with the National Theatre of the Deaf, Aubrey is excited to be performing as part of the Strawberry One-Act Festival. Previous credits include Dancing at LughnasaHamlet, and Sesame Street. Be sure to catch Aubrey in the upcoming web series Meetings.
Adrian Ventura (Burglar, Youth # 1) Is an aspiring young actor from Brooklyn, NY making his NYC stage debut. Adrian is a recently graduated from NYCDA, which is where he spent a couple of years developing skills as an actor. He has performed in theatre at the Brooklyn Campus of Long Island University and in various student film and projects.
Sheilah Friend (Older Woman, Judy) has been acting and directing since 2005 . Sheilah grew up in Bay Ridge, Brooklyn, making her acting debut with The Heights Players.  She performed recently in Chamber Music by Arthur Kopit, It’s Okay, Honey by Le Wilhelm, Who’s in the Will and Rock-a-Bye Baby by Virginia McMorrow.  Other performances include: Diplomacy, Oscar, Oscar, The Fourth Voice, and The Day of the Snake.  As always, it’s a pleasure working with Paul Trupia and a wonderful cast.  Thanks to her wonderful family and Angelo for all their love and support.  Contact Sheilah at
Richard Cozart (Peter) Rick is a native of Cleveland, Ohio currently living in Connecticut. Rick has performed in several one act plays presented in the Strawberry Festival including performed Diplomacy, Then or Now, Relevance and A Matter of Choice. Rick would like to thank his wife Lynn and his children for their continuing support, and his two dogs for their patience.
Brianna Cervello (Carol) Brianna is a high school student from Flushing NY, making her stage debut.
Paul Trupia (Playwright / Director) is a life long New Yorker originally from Astoria. Since casting aside his background as a financial professional, Paul has been a regular contributor to NYC theatre as an actor, writer and director. He is a past participant and is particularly fond of the Strawberry One Act Festival.  Published work includes: Attitudes and Alternatives (a selection of one act plays); Spirit Within; A Sip of Time; A Day at the Office and

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