Tuesday, July 5, 2016

REVOLVER; “You Have/Don’t Have the Right to Bear Arms?” By Elisabeth McGowan

Elisabeth McGowan
Nowadays, one of the biggest problems in society is the argument over gun control. Everyone knows once they turn on CNN there was another horrific shooting somewhere in the country. Gun violence has existed for the past several decades, but the debate over gun control has sparked nationwide attention. The main sides of this argument involves some thinking that guns should be prevented from the public no matter what, while others believe that the people have a right to purchase guns for defensive purposes. Then there’s also the fact that a gun control law would go against the 2nd Amendment, the “right to bear arms.” This entire argument centers on which is to blame: the person pulling the trigger or the gun itself for its presence
            All over Facebook, I have seen friends sharing videos that supported gun control; the statements from those videos – “Look at how easy it is to buy a 45 caliber gun. See the problem?” and “Americans are buying guns in record numbers, stop gun usage!” – are pretty big claims. Can you imagine the comments fighting back from those who oppose gun control? Well some had people saying, “But the main ones behind these shootings were terrorists; if regular citizens had guns in the areas they were in, they could have fought back and not as many would have been shot by one gunman.” So again, who or what is to blame: the gunman or the gun?       
Paul Trupia wrote a fiercely effective play – Revolver. He deepens the gun control argument with actual images for the audience to decide who or what should be blamed for modern-day gun tragedies. All characters vary between every scene of this one-act production, but each one ends with a different perspective on what is at fault for this societal issue. He inconspicuously examines both sides of the debate throughout the scenes because he doesn’t want to make a claim on any side; he just wants people to
think further about this issue by seeing different events unfold.
Some people take this subject personally. I know a few who are solely supportive for gun control and refuse to even listen to the other side express any opposing opinions. I also know others who seriously believe that gun control would just worsen the country. It was difficult for me to pick a side, but after reading Trupia’s work, I formed my own opinions on this problem. I genuinely got a clearer picture of what the main dilemma is, at least from my own perception.
            If you’re feeling like I did, unsure of how exactly to look at this argument, you can receive an awakening portrayal from Revolver. If you already chose a side, you would also get an educational, bird’s-eye view just as much as someone without a solid opinion does. Trupia’s play welcomes every belief, every position stemmed from this national dispute, and that is precisely why you should see it. Please comment below!
        Revolver will be playing at the Riant Theatre at the Theatre at St. Clement’s, 423 West 46th St, for the Strawberry One-Act Festival July 16th at 5pm and July 20th and 25th at 7pm.

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