Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Congratulations To Playwright Amanda Ortega, Whose Play SIXTY SHADES OF GREY Kicks Off The Summer Strawberry One-Act Festival

Amanda Ortega, (Playwright, SIXTY SHADES OF GREY) Playwright and Performer, Amanda Ortega, brings you her original piece Sixty Shades of Grey. After earning her BFA from Florida International University in May 2014, Amanda has written multiple plays that have been featured in local theaters such as Micro Theater Miami. Her solo piece “110” was featured at the first annual Ft. Lauderdale Fringe Festival. Amanda’s professional debut included "A Touch of Destiny”, written by fellow FIU alumni and directed by Columbia University Graduate, Tatiana Pandiani. Some other highlights in her theater career include Broward Center for the Performing Arts rendition of “Tony & Tina’s Wedding”, as well as GableStage’s Tour of Julius Caesar. Her experience has expanded into the world of film, where she will be starring in the web series Gaby’s Revenge (set to release this summer).


A romantic comedy with a twist.  It’s a short play about a young single woman Lily rushing to meet her first “normal” match.com date, but her plans come to a screeching halt when she gets stuck in an elevator with a man she wants nothing to do with.  This cute story makes you realize your match might be closer than you think, you just have to pay a little more attention.  

Thursday, July 14th at 7pm
Sunday, July 17th at 3pm
Wednesday, July 20th at 7pm

Thursday, July 14th at 7pm
Playing with:

EXPRESS TRAIN By Michael Selditch
Two very different men reluctantly bond on a subway train stuck between stops late one night. As one man unwillingly reveals an incriminating secret that's haunted him for years, the other finds his own value, in this dark comedy set 40 feet below Times Square.

THE UNKNOWNS By Kacie Devaney
Scarlett and Jeb have been married for twenty years and have faded into a passionless relationship.  An unexpected visit from the new next door neighbors is about to change everything.  Or at least, try.

SEE YOU HAVE ME, A Musical By Simone Allen & Ed Rosini
Directed By Shannon Ludeman
Simone Allen: Writer/Composer/Music Director
Adam Kaminski: Bass, Jeff Saltzman: Cajon

Nick's family just doesn't get him, and neither does his older sister, Sam, who has just come home from her second year at college. Watch this family struggle with finding themselves, loving each other, and letting go in this original short musical.
Sunday, July 17th at 3pm
Playing with:

PSYCHIC CAFÉ By Anthony Fusco
Lorenzo Duefacci, a flamboyant, renowned psychic in NYC, needs to hire an assistant to help draw in new business.  He hires Athony Fontana as the new weekend tarot card reader.  Anthony has no idea what he’s in for until he meets the most unique clients he has ever read with the most bizarre over-the-top confessions.  Get the inside look at the most intimate of conversations people have with their psychic.

FLIGHT 987 By Tina Posterli
Passengers struggle with their captivity while trapped on board a grounded plane.

Wednesday, July 20th at 7pm
Playing with:

BLACKBERRY WINTER By Kai Elijah Hamilton
An African American mother finds herself in the abandoned house from her dreams.  This is the house she suspects her child has been held captive after his abduction.  Has she finally solved the mystery that has haunted her for years or is she caught in a sinister web of trickery?  Something just ain’t right.

REVOLVER By Paul Trupia
A social commentary involving the reality of guns.  The reality of protection.

By Gil Varod, Caleb Damschroder & Kit Goldstein Grant
Christopher Michaels (Producer)
When a recently-sacked MTA executive wanders the port Authority Bus Terminal after midnight, the plaster “Commuters” sculpture comes alive to warn him how he is to pay for his subway-related sins.  A one-act horror musical that played to uproarious laughter during its initial reading at Lincoln Center’s “Across A Crowded Room” festival.

Avoid the Port Authority after midnight.

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